Why I don’t like WPEngine and what are the good alternatives

Why I don’t like WPEngine and what are the good alternatives

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WPEngine is doing good when it comes to reinventing the wheel. In the beginning I really thought that they’ll offer something fresh on the market, but I was totally wrong. WPEngine is basically a nothing more than a regular host company, repacked in a flashy package along with the “wow” effect so people could be sucked in to join the club.

The pricing is ridiculous, the lowest plan is $29 a month, 1 WP install allowed with limited traffic of 25K visits per 30 days! To make a small comparison, one of my big clients have more than 200.000 visitors a month and guess what, he don’t even need a dedicated server. His hosting costs are exactly $10 a month without any additional charges and he’s allowed to host an unlimited number of sites! Funny, huh?

What is even more ridiculous with WPEngine are overage charges. You can simply never know when they’ll hit your credit card and everything is being justified with “quality” and “uniqueness” of their service. Uniqueness my a**!

Waste of money

The main psychological trick in marketing that is being abused over and over again is an overly inflated price tag. People think that when something is expensive it has to be good. And here, of course, that’s not the case. I’m getting complaints from my clients almost on a daily basis, how plugins cannot work properly on WPEngine or are completely dissalowed for use. So they simply locked up an entire system so no one can touch it, managed to save resources by limiting everything they could and got themselves a money making machine, the golden chicken.

Even on GoDaddy that I don’t quite personally like you have more freedom than on WPEngine.

Beside many dissalowed plugins you’ll need sooner or later, the root access is not enabled and you can be charged additionally if your visitors traffic surpass the monthly limit. If your site go over those 25K visits a month because of the spam bots or hotlinking, guess who’ll pay the bill!

Their most expensive plan is $249/month and for that money you’ll get an opportunity to have your site running in a shared environment! Yup, you read it right, a shared freakin hosting for 250 dollars with 30GB of storage and “free” CDN! For $200 bucks I can rent an entire dedicated server with 3 terabytes of storage, unlimited traffic, dedicated IP address and still have some money left for an ice cream and snacks!

WPEngine Alternatives

The one and only WPEngine alternative I can recommend is Webfaction.com! I’m using their services for more then 7 years and I never ever had a downtime or any other technical problem. For just 10 bucks a month, I have a full root access and ability to do what ever I want. No ridiculous limitations, no hidden charges and the best part is unlimited traffic, 100GB SSD storage with a blazing fast speed. So far, 70% of my clients already switched to Webfaction and they share the same experience.

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