Clients from hell, my worst experience

Clients from hell, my worst experience

A few years ago I was hired by a startup company from NY that needed a website for their business. During the initial talks and negotiation, they were super normal, polite, pleasant, ready to accept all suggestions. It was really a big deal, more than enough money for me and 2 more people. And so we started working on the design, the deadline was 35 days for the online shop with their damn soaps and other bathroom accessories.

The reason I’m writing this is that, no matter how much experience you have with the clients, you can simply never know who’s waiting around the corner! A normal client or a bunch of bloodsuckers ready to make you regret for trying to help them out.

After two days, my designer who is btw a pro, design guru sent me the mockup file and everything was superb, done exactly by client’s specifications. So I emailed them an image of the homepage and they were thrilled, all 5 of them, 5 partners in the soap company.

Day 3, we got an email with design revisions, they decided that simply it’s not what they were looking for, even though they were very precise with what they want in the first place… I said OK, we’ll do it again, no problem..

Day 4, new mockup sent to the clients. Day 6, “Oh we like it, this is much much better, wow, do the rest of the pages!”. Day 8: “Nah, I think we should change the logo, add an another petal to the flower and try something else, we’re not even near to what we want..” Oh boy, here we go.. 🙄

Day 9: I sent an another homepage mockup and started coding so I could have enough time to get everything on time.

Day 11: “This is all good, just please add 2 more petals to the logo, make that middle part wider and center the menu”. Okey dokey, your wish is your command! And so we had a nice fun editing the whole thing over and over again probably more than 20 times… Day 22: We’re still stuck on the petals in the logo.. damn flower! A few days later we finally got the design fully approved, or at least we thought so!

Then we had only a few days left till the deadline, so I worked day and night to code that magnificent online shop.. and guess what, the most of the content for the inner page was still missing, they never provided it, but had courage to whine about the deadline! Later on, they went back again to the homepage edits and requested more fu*** petals! I was just waiting for the moment when my friend, the designer will explode and tell em to *****!

That same very day he called me, started yelling, then I could hear him hitting the table and probably the keyboard while mentioning something about the Adobe Illustrator, logo and freakin soaps! In one moment, I really thought that all this was just a prank organized by competitors! I can understand that 5 people can have 5 different opinions but this was getting out of control! They hired us because of our experience, previous jobs etc.. and the whole time they were acting like they are the experts for webdesign, not us!

Finally, the judgement day came, we were so furious and exhausted that we decided to make a conference call and put and end to this shi*… Ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, they finally picked up phone and started being very polite.. probably with desire to extend our agony for a few more months…

Then they said that the deadline is no problem, they are aware that their constant changes delayed the end of the project so they are willing (!?) to extend the deadline for an another 25 days! I was thinking oooh, no you wont! 😯 While my designer said to them to FO along with the logo, petals and the header!

I instantly jumped in, managed to calm down the situation and said that what is enough is enough, we quit, you’ll get your whole 50% deposit back, we don’t need this sh**! Then, the girl with the squeaky annoying voice started yelling how they need the site done and how they’ve been waiting long enough!?? Sorry your highness, we’re not available anymore! Then I hanged up, refunded the money and opened a beer to celebrate! My designer was counting all the logo changes he made and the figure was over 80! Not to mention the other parts of the site!

The biggest shock was the email I received after a few hours… “Can we use the last version of the logo?” What a mix of emotions I had, rage, madness, along with desire to go personally to NY, find them and force them to eat all 80 versions of the logo, printed of course!

2,3 months passed, I started Googling their company name and guess what, I found their site online with our logo, a very similar design of the page, almost identical to what we made and the best part is that site was like 60% done… I was thinking, may God help that new dev… he’ll need all the help he can get and probably a good shrink afterwards…

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